With all glass being fragile, we as a team make sure our glass is properly packed so that each of our following shipping companies can properly crate and load your orders with no harm to your product.

We ship nationwide using the following companies:


Delivery in the Tri-State area is done on our own trucking system.

Packing Glass

There are a few things that are extremly important when shipping your order. Just as a person would ship a fine piece of crystal or china, your glass must be properly packed to insure your product’s safety and stability. There are certain things that glass will not be able to tolerate.

The safety of your glass order is very important to us at BearGlass. The combination of packing equipment is just as important and vital as the placement of your glass in a crate.

We use the following packing material to insure your glass is safe.

Serving all 50 States & International